Top Marketing Strategies for Electrical Contractors in 2018



There are several marketing strategies which you can employ for an electrical company to achieve great success in your marketing campaign. It is necessary to compare the different marketing strategies available so that you can locate the best. There are paid methods such as pay per click (PPC) among others which you can utilize. But, before you decide on a given method, it is necessary to assess the method and know whether they can work well for your specific strategy. There are several benefits you enjoy if you can choose the best marketing strategies in 2018 and use it to grow your business brand. Some of the methods you can use to market your company include the following:

Content marketing

This marketing method can be applied in different forms. For example, you can write eBooks, white papers and other long forms of content where you can post them on your website and ask subscribers to leave their contact information before they can download. The content can explain different electrical solutions in the electrical field. The signup details will allow you to access contact information which you can use to reach out to readers of your website. In the long run, the method can lead to attracting a lot of traffic to your site which will play a significant role in the overall conversion of your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is a marketing method where you make your site more visible in the search engines so that organic traffic will land on the website. Search engine optimization will take into consideration the structure of your website as well as other factors. If you know how to carry out search engine optimization, you can employ it on your website for you to achieve great success in attracting more customers. Even if you don’t know how to carry out search engine optimization, you can engage the services of an SEO professional.

Conversion optimization

This method involves trying to engage the customers on your site. There are several methods you can implement to attract customers to your electrician company website. However, traffic funnels don’t pay attention to the things people will be doing on your site. Conversion optimization takes into consideration the things people will be doing on your website so you can increase the likelihood of converting them into a paying customer or client.

Social media marketing

Several people use social media. It is the easiest way you can reach out to more people. You can run social pages for your electrician company or create paid ads which you will post on social media. Social media helps to create brand awareness for your business. If you utilize different social media platforms, it will be easy for you to attract as many people to your website as possible.

Email marketing

If you can collect email addresses from subscribers on your electrician company website, you can use the emails to send messages to potential customers and let them know different services you offer. It is a useful method for reaching out to as many people as possible. The method creates more brand awareness to your company which can help you grow your business.


Conquer the Digital Marketing World with These Tips

Digital Marketing Tips

Boring videos are no doubt the most effective sleep inducers. Imagine all those dry as dust and clunky videos you were forced to watch in school, not to mention those painful training and orientation videos you need to watch during your first job. It was surely a serious struggle to keep yourself awake. 

Making your audience fall asleep is exactly the last thing you want to happen as far as your digital marketing videos are concerned. 

With the competition getting keener by the day, and with the marketing video arena getting more crowded, you can’t afford to be pushed aside just because your script and videos are too plain and dull.

To keep your viewers engaged and to stay ahead of the game, here are some killer tips that will take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

It All Starts With Your Audience

Among the main reasons why some videos were ineffective is merely because they weren’t made to suit a specific audience. Since they were aimed for everyone, they don’t manage to become appealing to anyone. This means that the first secret to write the most effective video script is to keep your audience in mind. You have to know all the things about your potential customers who will watch your videos. After that, your video must address their specific problem in such a way which engages and targets them specifically.

Use the First 30 Seconds to Convey Your Message

Today’s audiences have shorter attention spans, not to mention that your potential viewers’ attention is pulled in various directions. According to a psychological research, it shows that the average sustained attention of every person is about twenty minutes. However, for online videos, it is only sixty seconds. So, make sure to get your message across in the first thirty seconds of social media marketing video. A great way to do it is by using the inverted pyramid of journalists. 

Most journalists already knew that lots of readers will only read the first or two paragraphs and would skim the rest. Therefore, when writing a news piece, they often put all important information at the start. While interesting, the rest of the piece is not really essential. See to it that you structure marketing videos in this same manner. Try getting your message across in the video’s first thirty seconds.

 Ensure to Use Visuals and Words That Are Complementary

The words in the video scripts and the video’s images should be allied closely. The words must belong and explain the images and these images should illustrate and reinforce the words for greater impact. This works the same way the musical score in movies heighten the emotional mood in a certain scene.

Tell a Compelling Story

Any great copywriter would tell you that the best copy will tells a particular story and this holds true for the marketing videos. For you to grab viewers, the finest video for internet marketing should tell a story and it does not have to be and should have the elements of a story. The reason behind it is that the stories have emotional impact and viewers remember them.

Web Hosting: Choosing The Right Web Host


Running a website/business online demands more than just ensuring the site is up and running, or having unique content on the same. Without a good and reliable web host, the site wouldn’t perform as it should, hence the reason why you need to go for the best you can afford/find. Identifying the best provider can, however, be daunting especially with the flooded market.

Knowing what exactly to expect/look for in a web host can help you choose not only an excellent host like Web Hosting Ireland – the best Irish web hosting company, but also get the best package for your website.

Some of the important factors to consider when shopping for a web hosting company include:

1. Usability and Reliability:

How reliable the web host is, should be the first thing to consider when shopping for a service provider. Although some providers will promise 99.9% guaranteed uptime, only a few can achieve such results. Looking into the company profile and portfolio should, however, tell you more about the quality of service offered. Looking into customer reviews and testimonials should also give you an idea of what to expect from the same.

In addition to this, the amount of bandwidth and storage offered should be considered before going for any package. Some of the best web hosting companies in the industry offer unlimited bandwidth, though you need to subscribe for enough storage space. Aside from this, the control panel used is another factor to look into.

2. Purpose and Price:

If setting up a blog or something for fun, you may then be comfortable with either shared or dedicated hosting depending on your preferences. There are so many options when outsourcing your blogging and seo tasks online, but one of the best is certainly the Konker SEO site.  Nevertheless, e-commerce and other sensitive sites need something much better, say dedicated web hosting. Choosing the right hosting package is the only way you can make the most out of your site. How much you wish to spend for the hosting service is another factor to have in mind as well.

3. Customer Service:

The quality of customer service and their expertise in the field is one thing you shouldn’t overlook when choosing a web host. Although some companies offer enticing packages, their customer service is horrible, hence not worth your money. Be sure to test each candidate’s customer service before making the final decision.

These are basically the key factors to consider when shopping for a web hosting service provider. Take your time to interview at least four candidates before making the hire.

Cultivating Real Digital Media Growth

Digital Media in Business Revolutionises Business

Digitial media evolution has revolutionised how business is done online.  Its no longer all about hitting them with your marketing message, and now its more about listening and observing.

With the power for products, brands and businesses to go “live” on sites like youtube, facebook, periscope and many others the typical way that online marketing and customer engagement was viewed and measured has now been radically altered, and many companies will be left in the dust as other companies figure it out quickly and take advantage of the tremendous advantages available for early movers.

Don’t wait – learn more about how you can talk to your customers today!